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5 Things Every Salon Should Communicate to Clients During COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of the beauty industry, and communication is no exception. This article will give you five actionable tips to help you master the fine art of client communication during the pandemic.

With the initial series of lockdowns behind us, salons and spas are up and running again. However, the new health requirements have changed the way salons operate.

While plastic dividers on desks and PPE help us maintain safety in the salon, they are also a change in the environment clients are so familiar with.

Don’t worry; there are ways you can ensure clients have a comfortable stay in your salon, just like they used to. All you need is a smart approach to communication.

So, in this article, we’ll provide an overview of the crucial information you have to communicate to your clients to keep your salon a safe, relaxing space.

Changes to Your Salon Operating Capacity

Salons and spas were closed for so many weeks that many clients find themselves not knowing what to expect now that they’ve reopened.

To keep everyone comfortable and in the loop, it’s a good practice to clearly communicate any changes to your salon’s operating capacity or scheduling.

Clients like the sense of familiarity. It can even raise the level of satisfaction with your services, so it’s wise to keep surprises to a minimum.

With so many COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, it’s easy for some of them to slip your mind.

For instance, before the pandemic, many salons used to let clients take their child or a friend with them, and they would stay in the waiting area.

However, this practice is no longer possible due to capacity restrictions.

To avoid surprising them with safety measures they may be unaware of, you should notify your clients in advance about the capacity rules in your salon, as they did at Saroukos, a hair salon in Wilmington.

Source: Saroukos

The salon explained that the new regulations were in place and asked the clients to come alone.

In addition to changes in operating capacity, you should also inform the clients of other general guidelines your salon follows to keep everyone safe, such as altered working hours.

Of course, a crucial element of salon safety is asking all clients and staff to stay home if they test positive for COVID-19 or experience any symptoms of the disease.

Let’s take a look at how a beauty salon politely formed such a request.

Source: Facebook

As you can see, the owner kindly asked the clients to reschedule their appointment if they’ve had contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

To make her rescheduling policy clear, she stated that a 10-day wait is required before rebooking.

If you have multiple employees and your clients always work with the same beautician, you could also create a policy on what happens if their preferred beautician is absent.

Safety Measures You Are Implementing

While safety measures have changed the way salons operate, the changes won’t diminish your clients’ comfort at your salon—as long as you’re upfront about the measures you’re implementing.

Remember how we said clients like familiarity?

When they book an appointment, they look forward not just to the treatment itself, but also to all the small rituals your salon uses to make them feel like a V.I.P., such as getting their favorite coffee or snacks.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has thrown a wrench in many salon routines.

Reading magazines while waiting?

Not a good option because the virus can survive on paper surfaces for hours.

Getting nails done and sipping on a cocktail? Discouraged, to avoid taking the masks off.

To make the transition to new practices smoother, you should inform the clients of what they can expect when they arrive for their appointment in advance.

For example, the Verde Boutique Salon, a hair salon in Braintree, posted their new safety measures on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

They used the post as an opportunity to let the clients know that they are replacing their usual coffee and treat station with bottled water only.

Some salons have even had to redesign their space to meet the new spatial requirements.

Clients probably won’t mind you moving the stations a few feet apart, but they might be surprised when they see their favorite salon full of plastic dividers.

You can give them the time and opportunity to adapt to the new space layout by announcing your updates where all of your clients can see them, such as on social media or your website (or both).

Here’s how Blessings Salon Spa addressed that.

Source: Blessings Salon Spa

To sum up, it seems that the new safety measures in salons are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

So, until you get to chuck plastic dividers, you should keep your clients posted on all the measures you’re enforcing.

That way, you’ll ensure they aren’t surprised by your salon’s new look, while also proving you’re doing everything you can to protect everybody’s health.

New Salon Technologies You Implemented

If you are one of many salons that have implemented new payment and booking technologies during the pandemic, remember to communicate those novelties to your clients.

COVID-19 has been a true test of adaptability for every business. Salons have had to promptly introduce new work methods and enforce safety measures clients are still adjusting to.


For instance, as the most sanitary payment method, contactless payments have grown in popularity since the pandemic started.

Therefore, many salons now encourage clients to use contactless or online payment options. Those insisting on cash payments are asked to prepare the exact amount of money so they can avoid handling change.

Source: Dolce Salon

An additional method to keep your salon a COVID-free zone is to redirect scheduling from the front desk to online booking.

This scheduling method allows your clients to spend less time in the salon and book their appointments from the comfort of their homes at any time.

Since online booking may be new to some of your clients, you should choose a user-friendly solution that is easy to navigate, such as Zoyya.

Source: Zoyya

Our booking solution lets clients select the salon and all services they want. They can even schedule an appointment with their preferred beautician.

The process was designed with ease of use in mind.

One of our clients, Bonjour Beauty, reports that they even have a 90-year-old client who uses Zoyya to book appointments.

So much for the idea that only the tech-savvy youth can crack new technologies, right?

What You’ve Been Up To in General

A daily influx of COVID-related news and regulations leaves people craving news on lighter topics.

If you want to make your client communication more enjoyable, make sure to share the info on what your salon has been up torecently, not just the safety measures you’ve implemented.

You already know how vital in-person client communication is for the salon atmosphere. Well, it would be wrong to think that communication online is any less important.

As you inform the clients about the crucial regulations they have to follow in your salon, you get to show the human side of your business as well.

This can include creating a team member spotlight, sharing updates on new employees, new certifications and training, or anything else you did during the pandemic.

Let the clients know you haven’t been idle despite the work slowing down.

For example, this lash artist used social media to inform her clients about her most recent certificate.

As she says, continuous education is her way of staying current in the industry.

Source: Instagram

Even if you do have to deliver some not-so-pleasant news, it’s still better to communicate it upfront.

As you’re probably aware, supply and transport disruptions have caused an increase in the prices of cosmetic products.

This shift forced many salons to raise the price of their services.

Still, your clients will probably be understanding if you explain the underlying reasons for the increase, like this Manchester-based salon.

Source: Instagram

All in all, regardless of the nature of the news you announce, don’t forget to approach your clients with empathy.

In the sea of restrictions and regulations, your clients want some positivity. Posting occasional behind-the-scenes content will let them know you are doing well.

Tips for Aftercare in Between Appointments

If you want to help your clients look and feel better during COVID-19, you should include tips on at-home aftercare practices in your salon-client communication.

Average salons can produce satisfactory, but temporary results.

However, excellent ones know how to prolong the effectiveness of the treatments they provide.

You can do that too by keeping in touch with your clients and providing them with advice on aftercare, which is a vital part of salon customer service.

For instance, this lash salon compiled a list of aftercare instructions their clients can follow to make their lashes last longer.

Source: Instagram

Clients gladly accept expert advice, so consider creating a similar guide.

You can help your clients feel their best at home regardless of the services you provide.

For instance, spa salons can write about self-massage or share product recommendations for glowy skin.

If you’re worried about overburdening your clients with information, let us stop you right there.

Research shows that the popularity of self-care has skyrocketed during the pandemic, with 47% of people preferring at-home spa rituals over other kinds.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your aftercare tips will be well received.

A more active approach to at-home recommendations in between appointments is via online consultations.

As the following photo shows, online consultations can produce results as impressive as in-person ones.

Source: Facebook

In this situation, the beauty therapist assessed the client’s skin, recommended the products, and formed the skincare routine for them—all online.

So, if your salon can’t see all the clients due to capacity limitations, you can still provide the clients with valuable tips online in between regular appointments.


Since COVID-19 restrictions aren’t going anywhere for the time being, salons have to learn how to live with them.

The safest route is to communicate all changes in your practices before clients visit the salon. It’s also helpful to announce your safety measures in advance so that everyone can come prepared.

Don’t forget that the internet can help you stay in touch with your clients. You can use social media to talk about the changes in your salon, provide the clients with aftercare tips and even schedule online consultations.

If your aim is to reduce the time clients spend in the salon outside of treatments, you could consider contactless payment and online booking–something we can help you with.

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