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4 Ways to Improve Your Salon Customer Service

You don’t need the latest equipment to stand out among your competitors, as long as you nurture great relationships with your clients. We’ll show you five ways to do that by improving customer service in your salon.

Two salons could provide the exact same service, and a client could still have a different experience in each of them.

The reason for that is customer service.

In salons, customer service includes more than the appointment itself.

To ensure your clients get the best experience possible, you have to take the necessary steps to prioritize their needs before, during, and after the treatment.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking these details are irrelevant. An action that takes a few minutes of your time can completely transform the client experience.

This article will walk you through five methods for improving your salon’s customer service. Let’s see how!

Personalize New Client Consultations

Top-notch salon customer service is achieved by giving clients exactly what they want, and then some.

To determine your clients’ needs and wishes, as well as set expectations for all first-time visitors, you should offer consultations.

There’s no room for guesswork in the beauty industry.

If the service you deliver is not in line with the client’s expectations, you may never see them again.

This is rarely an issue with regular clients because they already know how the salon works and how to communicate their needs. On the other hand, new clients may need some help navigating your services.

That’s where consultations are useful.

Enlightened Beauty is an excellent example of a beauty salon that utilizes new client consultations to provide a better service.

They encourage new clients to schedule a complimentary consultation where beauty therapists determine their skin type and suggest services and products accordingly.

Source: Enlightened Beauty

Consultations are particularly significant for beauty therapists who work with skin. Imagine a new client booking a chemical exfoliation online.

What happens when they arrive, and only then do you see their skin is damaged and requires a special regimen?

You’d have to turn them away or come up with an alternative treatment on the spot—both options messing with your schedule.

When you leverage consultations as Enlightened Beauty did, you can be sure all clients get the right treatment.

We know that busy schedules sometimes don’t allow in-person consultations. This is where online consultation cards come in handy.

Source: Harley Waxing

In the picture above, you can see a consultation card provided by Harley Waxing, a wax vendor. You can download the full card for free here.

As you can see, the card shows the client’s skin condition, allergies, and info on previous waxing treatments; everything a beautician needs to tailor a flawless service.

In addition to creating a treatment plan, you can also use consultations as an opportunity to make new clients feel comfortable around the salon.

Consider giving the new client a welcome tour where you answer their questions. This is an excellent way to build a lasting relationship, which is the ultimate goal of salon customer service.

Make Returning Clients Feel at Home

If you’re looking to improve customer service at your salon, don’t neglect your returning clients.

Remembering details about each client will allow you to personalize your approach to each of them, and make them feel right at home.

You don’t have to bend over backward to come up with unique services only your salon offers. If your customer service is stellar, your returning clients will always keep booking your services regardless of the competition.

For example, the person in the following photo has been a loyal client to her beauty therapist for two years. The therapist’s dedication to client satisfaction is what made her stay so long.

Source: Google

In addition to impeccable service, you can make clients feel at home by creating a warm ambiance.

Attentive staff, pleasant interior, and spacious treatment area are just some of the ways you can make clients feel comfortable.

However, a personalized approach to each of your clients makes them return.

We’re talking about more than remembering the client’s name.

If you want to wow the client, you should try to pay attention to their treatment preferences and personal details they share.

All details matter, no matter how small. Whether you remember their preferred nail shape or even how they take their coffee and casually act on that note the next time they visit, the level of attention will surely amaze them.

Managing a salon and keeping track of all client preferences can be challenging.

Luckily, client databases are there to help you pull any info in a matter of seconds. Here’s an overview of a client’s details in our booking app, Zoyya.

Source: Zoyya

You can take notes after each treatment, and over time, you’ll build a base where you can check client preferences before their next appointment.

Lighting a candle with their favorite scent makes no difference to you, but it makes the client feel at home.

Provide Helpful Aftercare Recommendations

As a salon owner, you have to keep in mind that customer service doesn’t end with the treatments. To build excellent relationships with your clients, you should help them by giving them aftercare tips.

All aftercare practices and products you recommend will amplify the effect of the treatment you’ve done.

This means your clients will get to look and feel great longer, with just a little effort.

Guide the clients through the aftercare process by talking them through some dos and don’ts of aftercare, during or after the treatment.

This is also an opportunity to give the client personalized product recommendations.

The other way to help your clients keep looking fresh longer is with aftercare tips on social media, where you can write about general advice valid for all clients.

Source: Instagram

As an expert in your field, it’s your responsibility to educate the clients. Instead of letting them browse internet sites teeming with misinformation, you should provide them with the advice you can vouch for.

In some cases, clients may need the help of aftercare products to make the treatment results more pronounced and long-lasting.

Some salons only go as far as suggesting their favorite lotions and ointments, while the others sell post-treatment kits.

If you choose to sell aftercare products directly in your salon, make sure you approach the subject professionally, as this salon did.

Source: Instagram

The salon listed the kit’s contents, noted the key ingredients, and explained the benefits. It’s clear that the salon wants to help the clients maintain great results, not boost their sales.

So, if you decide to sell aftercare products, make sure to go the extra mile in your customer service by providing clients with additional tips and recommendations.

Clients appreciate knowledgeable beauticians, so this is your chance to show expertise.

Make Booking Appointments Easy

Clients shouldn’t have to get through an obstacle course each time they want a massage or a lash lift.

If you want to improve your salon’s customer service, you should consider simplifying the booking process.

The easiest way to schedule appointments is with online booking.

Many salon owners have turned to it after seeing the inefficiency of a notebook system, and clients have heartily accepted it.

In fact, almost 70% of customers prefer to book service appointments online.

Source: Zoyya

Still, the fact that you’ve implemented an online booking system doesn’t mean the clients will use it. The last thing you want is clients getting frustrated by a complicated booking process.

This is why you have to select a well-designed and uncomplicated solution, such as Zoyya.


We designed our salon marketplace so that clients can browse and book appointments in just four simple steps.

Clients first select a salon and the services they want. There is even an option to request their favorite beautician.

Finally, we reduced the time slot selection to one step only.

Source: Zoyya

Bear in mind that the ability to book appointments weeks in advance is a double-edged sword. It lets clients secure their spots regardless of how busy the salon is.

On the other hand, there is a risk of clients forgetting about their appointments, which leads to no-shows.

Automatic appointment reminders can help you prevent this risk.

You can set up Zoyya to send automated text messages to your clients before their appointments.

Our clients have found this feature highly effective. The salons that have used automated reminders saw a significant reduction in no-shows.

Stay in Touch With Your Clients

There’s no great customer service without client communication.

Loyalty programs, newsletters, and social media communication are all excellent ways to strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Modern clients want more than a service and a receipt. Businesses are now more personal, and clients expect salons to keep in touch between the appointments.

For instance, newsletters are a common way of engaging with clients.

You can treat your newsletter like a members’ club, a virtual space to share the latest information on your salon.

For example, Chalk Salon mails their subscribers beauty tips and exclusive deals.

Source: Chalk Salon & Co

Similarly, you could use social media to communicate with clients. After all, social media is crucial for reputation management, so you want to be present there.

At Spa Bar, clients can even get discounts for engaging with the salon’s Facebook page.

Source: Spa Bar

If you really want to go above and beyond, you could put the data from your client database to use and send birthday emails with a cute message or a discount.

All in all, you can choose between numerous options for staying in touch with your clients. Whichever one you take, remember to keep it personal and on-brand.


Salon customer service is all about making clients feel special whenever they visit your beauty empire.

You can upgrade your practices with consultations, which allow new clients to see your attentiveness even before the first treatment begins. Professional advice concerning aftercare will also wow your clients.

Even though relationships are best formed in person, don’t forget that technology can help you improve your customer service. Social media can help you keep in touch with your potential and existing clients.

When it comes to booking, try to make the process as simple as possible. With Zoyya, your clients can book appointments effortlessly.

You can focus on doing what you do best and leave reminders and administrative tasks to us.

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