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Zoyya works behind the scenes to help you deliver an exceptional service to your customers, every time. We make bookings amazing, you just do your magic.

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Join successful service providers who already gained new customers, reduced phone calls and messages, and improved their business.


Switch 90% of calls online


Cut no-shows by 25%


Cut administration by 50%


Attract 15% more new customers


Have 20% more appointments


Keep 100% satisfied customers

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Results speak for themselves

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Bonjour Beauty

How the beauty salon Bonjour Beauty improved their business

Tanja Gavran, owner of Bonjour Beauty Salon, introduced online booking a few months ago. Since we regularly analyze Zoyya's impact on our customers' business, we asked Tanja to tell us how Zoyya helped her and how her customers reacted to the new booking method. The results delighted both her and us.

appointments are now booked online
better organization of time
Soba Osoba

How the hair salon Soba Osoba achieved better use of time

The move to online booking delighted the customers of the hair salon Soba Osoba. More than 80% are now booking their appointments entirely through the Zoyya app and they love it, because now they never forget to book their hair appointment on time.

better use of time
More pre-scheduled appointments
#success story

How Nomasvello increased the number of bookings

"This is such a great app. Our bookings are coming in and we're no longer constantly interrupted by phone calls."

Natalija Rušovački
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Less time wasted

Reduce no-shows by offering customers online booking with automatic reminders.

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Your popular tools
integrated into Zoyya

With the help of advanced Zoyya integrations, you'll increase the visibility of your salon and delight your customers with better service.

google map

Google Maps

Zoyya is a registered partner of Google Reservations, allowing your customers to book an appointment directly through Google Maps.

google calendar

Google Calendar

With Google Calendar integration, your customers can add their appointments to their own Google Calendar.


SMS and Email Reminders

In addition to Email, Zoyya offers automatic SMS reminders. You can easily customize all notification settings yourself.

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Keep up with trends,
save your time

Service providers are rapidly turning to modern tools to facilitate business processes, save time and improve the quality of service.


What our service providers say about Zoyya


"Thank you for the app that saved my life literally, such a perfect thing 💜!
I want to thank you because it's such a good app, our orders are going, and I don't even need to answer the phone anymore."

Natalija Rušovački
Salon Manager

"We've been using Zoyya for a couple of months and we are extremely satisfied. Our clients can make an appointment in just a few clicks. Productivity is on a much higher level, the application is simple, the support from the development team is great. The app is getting better by the day. I highly recommend it!"

Marin marinović
Vlasnik, Fizionova

"Zoyya is a super simple app, and the biggest benefit is definitely the support we have at all times. Although the application is universal, I can say it is also fully personalized and adaptable not only to the each industry segment but also to the needs of the individual businesses. For every recommendation!."

Mirta Jurčević
Vlasnica, MIJU

"Zoyya has made things so much easier for us. Everything is much clearer, simpler, people can make an appointment whenever they want, and we have total control over empty time slots. I would recommend it to everyone because the future of business is online!"

Ljiljana Kasun
Vlasnica, Beauty by Brunna

"Simplicity and transparency are crucial. Our clients can easily review our availability and prices, and book at any time. This is essential for us and our customer satisfaction."

Ljiljana Perkov
Vlasnica, Dora 98
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Learn how to grow your business with digital tools

Every week we publish useful tips on business improvement and success stories from the industry.

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Personalized approach to clients in the hair salon

We bring you the successful story of Zoyya users; a hair salon that is anything but typical, in which as soon as you set foot – all the senses let you know you're in the right place. We're talking firsthand, we've tried it.

September 12, 2021

Even 90-year-old customers are booking appointments online

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Instant growth in 3 steps - here's how!

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