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We're gifting 500 free SMS reminders!

We want to help service providers reduce customer no-shows. That's why we're giving 500 free SMS reminders! Register for the promotion by the end of September and automatically send SMS reminders to your customers. Free and without obligation!

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Reduce no-shows with SMS reminders

Nowadays, we all live in an accelerated rhythm. It's easy for us to forget about an appointment. To you, as service providers, this means a waste of time and money. Zoyya is here to help address that. With automatic SMS reminders, your customers will no longer forget about the appointment, and we're giving you 500 free SMS reminders to try this option.

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step 1

Register your salon

Create your profile on Zoyya in a few clicks. If you wish, you can turn on the online booking option to make it easier for your new and existing customers to book an appointment.

step 2

Create customer appointments

With our simple digital order book, you can enter all existing appointments and phone numbers of your customers in a few clicks.

step 3

Zoyya will automatically send SMS reminders

Zoyya will automatically send SMS reminders to all customers at the selected time, and you will have an insight into the state of the SMS credit at any time, with the possibility of adding more credits or disabling this option.

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How to get free SMS?

It's very easy to get started. Just register your salon on Zoyya and we'll send you free credits that you can use as SMS reminders to customers.

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How Nomasvello increased the number of bookings

"This is such a great app. Our bookings are coming in and we're no longer constantly interrupted by phone calls."

Natalija Rušovački
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Less time wasted
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Results speak for themselves

All Case Studies
Bonjour Beauty

How the beauty salon Bonjour Beauty improved their business

Tanja Gavran, owner of Bonjour Beauty Salon, introduced online booking a few months ago. Since we regularly analyze Zoyya's impact on our customers' business, we asked Tanja to tell us how Zoyya helped her and how her customers reacted to the new booking method. The results delighted both her and us.

appointments are now booked online
better organization of time
Soba Osoba

How the hair salon Soba Osoba achieved better use of time

The move to online booking delighted the customers of the hair salon Soba Osoba. More than 80% are now booking their appointments entirely through the Zoyya app and they love it, because now they never forget to book their hair appointment on time.

better use of time
More pre-scheduled appointments
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Frequently asked questions

Who is Zoyya useful for?

Zoyya is an app that makes everyday business easier for everyone who provides services. Do you manage a hairdresser, car repair shop, dental center, restaurant or walk pets in an organized way?  Zoyya doesn't choose, she doesn't care. Zoyya is flexible and adaptable to any activity in the segment of customer service. It helps both small and large in organizing everyday business.

Who is the team behind the Zoyya app?

Zoyya appointment management app is owned by:
Funestra d.o.o.
company. Headquarters: Mladena Fiolića 12 and, Zagreb
OIB: 87939378078

Find out more about the creators and the vision of the team that works diligently on the daily improvement of Zoyya by clicking on About Us.

And you can contact us directly with any questions you might have: Send us a message

What can I do with Zoyya?

Focus on what you do best - provide amazing customer service. Let us handle everything else. Main features

Is Zoyya really free?

Yes! Our free plan will be free forever and you can use it to improve your business. To access some of Zoyya's advanced features, select the plan that best suits your needs.

Can i add multiple locations?

Absolutely! We know you can't be in several different places at the same time, but Zoyya can. Zoyya is designed to adapt to all the specifics of your business and track everything you need: shifts, branches, employees, schedules, questions from your customers, reports, and more.

Can I get technical help if I get stuck?

Always! We've prepared some instructions for you in our knowledge base, feel free to take a look. A Zoyya expert has also been assigned to your account, to help with your questions and suggestions. We love talking to our partners and we are always there for you. Get back to us.

How do I start and create an account?

The registration process is simple! Click here: Sign up and open an account

P.S. If you forget your username, it doesn't matter. Immediately after confirmation of the email address, we send you another welcome email that says your username, all the necessary information, as well as a support contact.

How do I download the app?

The registration process is simple! Click here: Register and create an account

I don't understand all price list items

No worries! We're always here to help you choose the best plan for your business. We love talking to our partners, so feel free to call us on +385 95 2000 217. If you prefer typing, send us a message with a brief description of your business and needs. We'll respond as soon as possible!

Is my data secure?

Of course! Zoyya carefully keeps everything you type into the app and you don't have to worry about losing data. We use modern cloud technologies that ensure security and we have an expert team to look after everything that matters: from backup in multiple locations, all the necessary security certificates to data encryption and more.

P.S. Read more about security and privacy in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Reduce no-shows by offering customers online booking with automatic reminders.

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