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Even 90-year-old customers are booking appointments online

Do customers like online booking? Do they use it or are they still booking by phone and texts? Find out the results of using the online booking app from the owner of the Zagreb beauty salon.

Tanja introduced online ordering to her salon a few months ago and now she can no longer imagine going back to the way she was. And neither can her clients. Not even those who would (unjustifiably) think they don't like to do things online.

This week we spoke to Tanja Gavran, owner of bonjour beauty salon in Siget. We wanted to know if Zoyya's online ordering app was helping her with her work, but also how her clients reacted to the new ordering method. The results delighted both her and us, so we decided to share them with you.

85% of clients have already switched to online ordering in the first month of using Zoyya

"I started thinking about a tool like Zoyya a year ago because I had a digital file missing. I have always felt that it is also important to take notes professionally on care treatments and how they affect an individual client and skin or nail type. In Zoyya, I found a solution, that is, a way to record everything I do with a particular client, all her treatments, when they were and how frequent. Now I no longer have to flip through old notebooks or remember which client likes some nails or treatments. This was the main reason for trying Zoyya, and as a great bonus I discovered all the charms of online ordering and managing schedules via mobile phone. Now that I see how much it helps me organize, I can't imagine going back to the way things were."

Tanja told us how Zoyya was accepted with both hands by her clients. More than 85% immediately accepted the new ordering method, as soon as they first received information that it was a possibility. "To anyone who contacted me, I forwarded the link to online ordering and the second time they were automatically ordered through the app. On social networks and WhatsApp groups, I put a notification about a new way of ordering which I recommend to everyone because then you avoid both this initial contact and individual notification of a new ordering method. Also, I have a business card and a poster in front of the salon with a QR code that leads directly to the online ordering profile, which also proved to be a good method for informing and recalling online ordering."


All age groups have taken online ordering equally well

As Bonjour Beauty provides a wide range of services, it also has clients of all ages. "What particularly impressed me and surprised me was the acceptance of the application regardless of the age of the clients. The real proof is that you have introduced something necessary and useful when a longtime client of 90 years asks you to send her a link for online ordering. Since the app is easy to use, everyone quickly get used to it and I love it!"  

Zoyya is the number one application for online ordering on services in our market

"That apps like Zoyya exist I discovered in one Facebook group for us beauticians. I tried several applications that I got the impression had a similar purpose, and Zoyya definitely proved to be the best. It's the most economically profitable, it's also a free version, it's the easiest to use, clients love it, and it has local support which has given me the certainty that someone will help me if I get stuck using it or if it happens to be wrong."

It's a big saving of time and energy  

Bonjor Bouty has achieved great organizational improvements with the introduction of Zoyya.

"I have much better organization, less stress and more time. I can prepare better for clients between treatments and take a break at a time when it's best for me and for work. I strongly recommend that all my colleagues introduce online ordering. I don't think anyone should go back to phone and WhatsApp ordering. This is a big improvement, relief and gain for me and my clients."

#1 booking app

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