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Read and watch our users share their experiences on how they saved time and improved their business with digitalization.

Bonjour Beauty

How the beauty salon Bonjour Beauty improved their business

Tanja Gavran, owner of Bonjour Beauty Salon, introduced online booking a few months ago. Since we regularly analyze Zoyya's impact on our customers' business, we asked Tanja to tell us how Zoyya helped her and how her customers reacted to the new booking method. The results delighted both her and us.

appointments are now booked online
better organization of time
Soba Osoba

How the hair salon Soba Osoba achieved better use of time

The move to online booking delighted the customers of the hair salon Soba Osoba. More than 80% are now booking their appointments entirely through the Zoyya app and they love it, because now they never forget to book their hair appointment on time.

better use of time
More pre-scheduled appointments

How Zoyya improved the customer experience at the Kynsi beauty salon

“Kynsi is dedicated to nurturing moments. Every interaction with our salon must be a pleasant and relaxing experience for the customer. The relationship with the customer does not begin or end at the salon, so it was important to allow our customers a simple, fast and modern way to get to our services. We wanted to eliminate the need to memorize the appointment date and time and enable our customers to receive email and text reminders of the appointment. Besides, Zoyya records the customer's information and the satisfaction with our services. Our customers deserve this."

dedicated to the customer during service
less missed booking requests

How the light therapy center improved their business with online booking

Being overwhelmed with obligations in the salon usually results in delaying the search for modern tools which might help with administration of your business. Salon managers also tend to get into a vicious circle or constant catching-up and stress.... They lose the opportunity to attract new clients, increase revenues, as well as the opportunity to detect "flaws" in their business which are easily solvable. Natalia recognized how much a modern online booking and appointment management system is going to bring her and introduced it in No+vello. Read on to learn about her experiences.

more bookings per client
less stress and time lossed
Chocolate Museum Zagreb

Why is the sweetest museum in Zagreb using Zoyya app for organizing tours

If you want to learn all relevant facts about the interesting world of chocolate, it's a good idea to visit the Chocolate Museum Zagreb. This sweetest museum in Zagreb is ideal for group tours, family trips with the kinds, but also for gathering with friends or a romantic date with the loved one. In which ever company you decide to visit it, your visit can be organized with the Zoyya app.

simpler administration
faster response time

Reduce no-shows by offering customers online booking with automatic reminders.

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