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Targeting The Right Customers In Beauty Salon Marketing: 3 Things To Consider

From a marketing perspective, setting up a beauty salon is no different than any other business. Identifying your target market is a vital first step.

Identifying your target market aids you in figuring out what products or services to make available. More importantly, it will help you understand how to advertise these products or services.

Here are 3 things you need to consider in targeting the right customers for your beauty salon and differentiating your salon from your competitors.

Socioeconomic status

To start your market analysis, it’s important to consider where your beauty salon is located. And this doesn’t only mean finding a strategic business location. In order to understand who your potential customers are, you must have a good grasp of the disposable income levels of most households in your region, as well as their shopping habits. Knowing this will give you an idea on the reception that your salon will receive.

If your salon is located on a major road surrounded by companies, use it to your advantage. You may consider offering high-end products and services to professionals who pass by your salon. Keep in mind that these potential customers hate wasting their time. But they wouldn’t mind spending extra for good service.

Knowing that these people value time more than money could be a game changer for you. Your marketing strategy should be geared towards giving them fast, high-quality services. They must step out of your salon looking like they’re ready for a big party. The most important part is that your salon should provide this service in a fraction of the time other salons take.


Targeting the right gender/s for your hair salon is another crucial factor that you have to take into account. Some beauty salons for women reported that almost 80% of their total sales come from hair color services. Knowing the right services to advertise based on the demographic of your target gender or genders will do wonders for your income.

Nonetheless, the stereotype that beauty salons only cater to women has been slowly fading the past decades, thanks to men who are now openly embracing beauty routines. If you wish to have a unisex salon, make sure that you this is clear in your advertisements. Otherwise, identify the gender you wish to provide services to as this affects not only the equipment you need but the type of staff you will employ as well. 

Building your online presence through social media takes time. Take every opportunity to promote brand awareness. Let them answer questions or take quizzes on your site and show them that your salon is exactly what they need. Sometimes, customers do not know what they really want until presented with it. Let them answer questions that will lead to services and products that you believe fit their needs best.

Hobbies and interests

If your salon is situated in the more quiet part of town where people spend most of their time in the farmer’s market or in arts and crafts classes, you need to have the same vibe in your salon: a place where they can hang out and just kill time. You may want to emphasize in your advertisements that your beauty salon is not a place where customers just come and go; rather, it’s a place where they can bond with family and friends. This way, you can benefit from clients’ referrals to friends and family.

Designing post-pandemic events is a challenge worth taking on. Since most places are now opening up, take time to organize and advertise events held right at your beauty salon. This will allow you to interact with your customers more directly and meaningfully.

Nonetheless, your online presence still matters. Customers who attend your in-person events can leave glowing online reviews that your beauty salon needs. Since these people spend time talking and chatting with others, whether in person or online, they are your best advertisements. Don’t underestimate the fact that online reviews and word of mouth have the power to attract new customers

Final words

They say the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. This may very well be your mantra as you start your beauty salon business. Zeroing in on the right target market can help start you off with a bang. So, invest in getting to know your locale and customers.

In coming up with marketing tactics, socioeconomic status, gender, hobbies and interests, must be your major considerations. Knowing your target audience will contribute to your success whether you use online or offline marketing strategies. If you’re looking for a salon booking app that takes care of your salon’s scheduling needs, Zoyya is ready to assist you.

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