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Personalized approach to clients in the hair salon

We bring you the successful story of Zoyya users; a hair salon that is anything but typical, in which as soon as you set foot – all the senses let you know you're in the right place. We're talking firsthand, we've tried it.

We bring you the successful story of Zoyya users; a hair salon that is anything but typical, in which as soon as you set foot – all the senses let you know you're in the right place. We're talking firsthand, we've tried it.

In order not to keep you in suspense anymore, the salon we are talking about is Room Person and is located in a quiet area of the Zagreb settlement of Špansko. If we are to be precise, Room Person is not a hairdresser, it is a specialized studio for coloristics and haircuts, hand and nail care. What we liked the most when we visited was that with haircuts, painting and care, you would get an advisory and educational element. But let's start from the beginning. From the name.

A room where you feel your own

Even if you have never heard anything about this studio, its name will already help you create the impression that it was a studio that is somewhat different from others. So we asked Petty, the owner and chief specialist, to explain the background to the name Room Person.

"The person entering our room is the center of our attention. Everything we do should be answered and fit to the person who is being treated. We don't do hairstyles in stock. That is why before we touch the hair, we talk a little about the desires, goals or problems that the person had with, for example, hair and the way he (in)maintains it. In short, the name reflects the individual approach to a particular person, in a room that stimulates the atmosphere in which that person feels his... It's like he's in his room. “


5 elements that make up the whole desired experience in Room Person

Room Person bases his business on 5 key characteristics, which are:

·       expertise

·       pleasant atmosphere

·       product quality

·       individualised approach and

·       planned availability.

"Hair health is paramount," Sintija began when asked why she decided to specialize in coloristics and haircuts, while she offers hair shaping as an accompanying service:

"It is very important to emphasize the quality of the products used in treatments. We exclusively work with Kevin Murphy products. These are natural products of the Australian brand without parabens and sulfates, made on the basis of essential oils from plants grown on their plantation. Brighter dyes contain natural ammonia that does not destroy hair as artificial ammonia does.

Beeswax, honey and proteins are the base in colors and have a wonderful effect on hair. For hand care or manicure, quality products are also used, for example, LCN gels with which clients are also satisfied. But it is not enough to have quality products. You need to know how to work with them and know how to adapt them to the individual needs of various clients."

Years of collected experience and specialist education have brought Sintia a reputation as a hair restoration specialist and are often addressed by people with extremely troubled or ruined hair. In Room Person they like to tackle such challenges because on such hair after treatment, the results and quality of their work are most visible.


"At the first treatment, you need to devote yourself to the person and get into trouble, find out all the important information about the client in a very short time. For example, if you find out in a conversation that a person does not have time to come every three weeks, you need to paint and cut it in a way that will allow the hair to look steady for two months until it comes back for treatment. Also, very few hairdressers talk about how important it is to systematically cultivate hair at home, not only at the hairdresser. Not all clients need to know all the tricks, so we know them, so we give advice and mini education on how and with what to nourish your hair at home."

As for the planned availability, Room Person has a slightly different principle of operation. Working hours do not include working on Mondays and Tuesdays, but it is open to clients on weekends and even Sundays. Few people enter the studio from the road, you practically can not see it if you do not know where it is because there is advertising on the street - there is none. Twenty years in the profession, he brought clients who follow Cynthia's work and come regularly. That's why he doesn't invest much in classical marketing. Business comes mostly through recommendations, and appointments need to be booked through the online ordering app Zoyya, which has proven to be a good channel for the influx of new customers who appreciate this way of working. All this and Room Person receives clients who fit into the philosophy of business and it is easier to achieve long-term satisfactory cooperation.

In Room Person they try, and succeed, to create a cozy atmosphere. In addition to the eye-catching physical environment and professional approach, a complete commitment to the client who is being treated contributes to this. That is why Sintia will not answer the phone call to book an appointment in the middle of the treatment, nor will it leave the client waiting while responding to Whats App messages, but will approve the reservations during breaks between treatments in a couple of clicks via the Zoyya mobile app.  

"Zoyya also helps me speed up the order process and align time with repeated customer appointment needs. While the client is still in treatment, I advise her when she should approximately come to the next paint, she takes her phone in her hands and through Zoyya is immediately ordered for next month's appointment in three clicks. That's very important because I don't take many clients on shift. Those I receive receive complete dedication. That is why I introduced mandatory ordering on appointments so that everyone gets an appointment for the service on time and to have the right and desired period between hair maintenance."  

The move to online ordering has also delighted The Person's Room clients, more than 80% of whom are ordered entirely through the app. They stopped calling and sending all kinds of messages via Whats App. They now see all their past and future appointments transparently, quickly and easily accessible in their phone. They also get term reminders, which is great for the aforementioned prearranged appointments.

"Now I finally have all the times on my calendar available whenever I want. It's a very practical thing to have everything on your phone. I used to type in a notebook I didn't carry outside the salon, so I had to wait to come to the salon and see the appointments available. Other employees also have access to the app on their phone, so now everyone important always has a business overview."

Epilogue at the end

There... we liked The Person Room and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel great after the treatment. We also recommend that anyone providing services introduce online ordering for their customers. You will be reborn, and your clients will love this method of ordering while you said frieze.

Until reading some of the following user stories 🙂 a lot of you are greeted by your Zoyya team!

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