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What is Zoyya?

If your work includes customer service, you must have a diary, notebook, or calendar to help organize your business. You use them in everyday situations, like when customers call you, often interrupting your work. If a client wants to make an appointment, you have to enter the information into your notebook or app, while they have to set reminders on their phones. Most people won't admit it, but this complicated process bothers them. It looks unprofessional, it's distracting you from your work and affects your performance. Additionally, it leads to privacy concerns, as notebooks are quite easy to misplace.

We developed this app to make our lives easier by organizing our business hours and free time. Zoyya helps your clients schedule appointments, while you can store and access your information anytime, from anywhere.

In short, Zoyya is a business management platform that aligns your business with the needs and availability of your customers.

Is there another way?

Of course. We live in an age of digital transformation. We do more clicking than talking, to save time and simplify our lives. Markets and customers are constanly changing. Availability, visibility, speed, and ease of access are more valuable than ever. Clients expect you to respect their time and always remain accessible.

Zoyya was built as a response to the need to find solutions online. Advertise your business and sell your services online, without delays or obstacles. Digitalization is the answer to the new emerging customer habits.

What does this look like in practice?

You sell your services online. Customers can view your calendar on their phones, and schedule an appointment whenever they feel like it. When they send you booking requests, you can accept them manually or have Zoyya do it for you. You can also stay in touch through Zoyya, moderate or reschedule appointments and send notifications.

Who is the platform for?

Zoyya is here for big and small companies, from any industry. We don't care if you're a math tutor, a cosmetologist, or a doctor. No matter what you do, Zoyya will give you control over your schedule and help you sell your services to clients. Define your services, set a price, and manage your calendar - directly from your dashboard. Leave the tedious admin to Zoyya, your new virtual assistant.

How does online scheduling work?

Scheduling can be automatic or semi-automatic, it's up to you. If you want to save time, all booking requests can be approved automatically, as soon as your clients select a time slot they like. Alternatively, your staff can approve or reject booking requests manually. If an appointment is canceled, all your clients will be notified about an opening in your calendar.

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