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Request management (for employees)

Othen than a digital appointment calendar, Zoyya can also be your new sales channel. All our partners regardless of their price plan can be included in our online service catalog. This will make them much more accessible to potential clients.

All booking requests will be sent to you for review. To avoid double bookings, you can view, approve or deny every single request. As a bonus, approved appointments will automatically become unavailable in your online calendar, to avoid confusion and overbookings.

To make sure you don't miss any requests, we'll send you an email, an in-app notification, and a special pop up in your Zoyya dashboard.

When you click on a request, Zoyya will take you to your calendar. The new request will be marked with a brighter background, to help you distinguish between requests and approved appointments.

Click on the request to view details like your client's personal information, service type, assigned employee, service duration, and the final price.  Of course, you can also easily contact the client in case you need additional information before you approve a request.

Finally, you can either approve or reject a booking request and send the client a customized message.

When you approve a request, your client gets an email confirmation. In your calendar, this request becomes an approved appointment.

Now that you know how to accept requests, learn more about clients and the information we collect about them in Zoyya.

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